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Bible Journaling : how to get the most out of your Bible Study

Heyyy Guys! 
I'm Janelle from  The Ramblings of a Bookworm and I'm supper excited to be able to have the chance to share some thought on here... but first let me tell you a little bit about myself!
I blog about life. Books. And of that which I know of. I am a storyteller. Anne Shirley is a kindred spirit of mine. I read, perhaps too much, but that can't be helped. It's probably not super healthy, but hey, you make time for the things you love.. right?
I live in Up State NY where its winter most of the year round (kidding... kind of)   
 love watermelon. I read books like there going out of style. I have a dream coffee shop on Pinterest. Family is goal. God is best. Friends are fantastic. i live in a state of summer. Shoes and I don't really get along. i write stories. history addict. i love exploring. some times my words are so random that no knows what I'm talking about. Also home schooled. 
ANYWAYS enough about me. lets move on to the real subject.


So recently I signed up for the Sisterhood membership program Soul Scrips a christian web sight  offered for women. and guys I LOVE IT!!! I mean its totally awesome!!! they have monthly 'soul sessions' where they show you cool ways to Bible Journal! I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures of journaling bibles on the internet. They're probably beautifully decorated/painted/scripted and you might be over there looking at your little bible with just a few measly words underlined and thinking, “welp, where did I go wrong?”
Before you think that or compare your Bible to one you see on Pinterest, I'd like to argue that maybe you didn't go wrong at all. It's entirely possible that the two lines you underlined on one page was done more intentionally than half the decorated Bibles you see pictures of online.
Now, I'm not saying it's wrong to create or celebrate God's word. So, for all you Bible journaling fans out there, don't freak out. I am saying though, that it's important to do so with intention. You also don't need a ton of fancy tools. It's actually best to focus on the resources you're using than the stickers you have.
SO often I think what sometimes stumps us is..
“Where do I even begin?”
“How can I understand the text better?”
“How can I dig deeper?”
“What do I do if I don't feel closer to God during my Bible study?”
All normal questions. But just because they're normal doesn't mean you need to get stuck there. It's time to stop hesitating and bring your Bible study to life.
So, if you need a little help getting started on the right foot, here are 5 tips and tools to help you get started.

1. Check Your Heart and Mindset

Why do you want to try Bible journaling? Because it's a popular art form or because you want to dig deeper in your study?
It's important to make sure you're focusing more on the Truth inside the text and actually learning from it than you are entertaining yourself. It's a heart issue, so before you dive too much into Bible journaling, my first tip is to check your heart.
Why do you want to dig deeper in the Word? Because it's what you think you're supposed to do or because you long to know God more?
It's very possible to have a creative, enjoyable, therapeutic study while still digging deeper in the Word but it's difficult to dig deeper in the Word if your heart is most focused on the art. So, first, check your heart.
(I always like to spend a few minuets praying before I begin studding )

2. Pick a Shorter Book of the Bible and Start in Chapter 1, Verse 1

Don't worry if you don't know where to start. There's no “perfect place” to start reading because it all ultimately works together and is part of God's big story.
However, it's not wise to just pick one verse at random and then jump around. You can start in Genesis and read the Bible all the way through, you can read through it chronologically according to when they books were written (FYI they're not arranged in perfect chronological order), or you can study one book at a time in depth.
Do a little research on the books of the Bible (what they're teaching, when they were written, their purpose, etc.) and then pick one. It may be easier to start with a shorter chapter in the Old Testament, like Ruth. Start in chapter one and read through the whole chapter, and then the whole book. Of course, not all in one sitting. But focus on that book and work through it little by little each day. It'll give you a place to pick up the next day and you'll have a clearer understanding of what you're reading as God reveals more and more through your intentional reading.
Once you get through one chapter, you'll realize that you CAN do this and you'll be eager to learn more and try out another chapter! 

3. Dig up a Common Household Pen & Highlighters & washy tape 

Remember, just because it's a journaling Bible doesn't mean it requires anything super fancy. Spend more time writing the Word and memorizing Scripture than you spend money on fancy markers.
Some markers/highlighters cause worse bleed through than others, though, so I would suggest getting the same highlighters I use. You can grab a set by clicking here: Best Highlighters for Bible Journaling

also washy tape is a fun way to decorate your bible XD You can buy them at almost any arts and crafts store. (Amazon also sells them)

4. Get a Single Column Journaling Bible

There are several study Bibles and journaling bibles out there but my first recommendation would be to get a single column journaling Bible. You can get the exact Bible I have here.
I suggest this for a few reasons.
First, consider the words “journaling + Bible.”
This type of Bible is meant to serve as both a journal and a Bible–with room to study and take notes all in one place. A single column journaling Bible only has one column of text on each page, which leaves plenty of room to write prayers, notes, and Scripture in the margins.
I also love that this Bible has some helpful footnotes and contextual clues at the bottom of the pages. It's not a ton, but if you don't have or can't afford a study Bible, this still has a little bit of guidance for you to reference and find other paralleling verses in other parts of the Bible.


Prayer doesn't have to look fancy or formal or un-smudged. God knows your heart. He will lead and guide it. Pray for His guidance. Pray for Him to reveal Himself to you and open your eyes to what He is teaching you about Himself. Pray for His presence, invite Him in, and for Him to write His Word on your heart.
Let this journey in the journaling Bible be one big prayer–a conversation between you and God where you learn directly from His Word and write back directly on the pages of His word.
You see, this doesn't have to be hard or intimidating and it certainly doesn't need to look perfect. It needs to be personal and purposed. Add these simple tips and tools to your study and you'll see your faith deepen and you'll be able to carry His Word beyond just your study time. It'll live in your heart.



  1. Janelle great post! And Thanks for joining the blog Living For Jesus Christ. I can't wait to see what other post you have pland.😊

  2. Great post Janelle! Thank you for those tips! I'm never thought of using washi tape before so I'll have to try it :P

    1. Hey thanks XD
      Yesss I go crazy with the washi tape haha


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