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Dear America

Dear America, I know the pain you go through, the hurt, the day to day stress, I know it's heard. I know we say over and over again to ourselves that it's going to be okay, when we know where not. you don't have to go through the pain alone, God knows your hurt, a verse in the song What A Friend We Have In Jesus talks about taking it to the Lord in prayer. What does that mean? It means that what ever problem we have, what ever hurt, or pain we have. God will take care of it, if we trust in Him, and take it to Him in prayer. You don't have to do this alone God's with you, He's on our side, He will fight the battles for us, all we need to do is trust in Him. When you do that I promise you that your life will be a hole lot better. Here is a quote I heard from a song on the radio. I know it hurts, I know it's heard sometimes, I don't know why, but I know that you are with me God! Thy will be done, thy will be done, Thy will be done! By Hillary Scott, This song is talking about God's will to be done in her life. She wrote the song right after she had suffered a miscarriage. She hoped that God would give her a sense of pace in her life. She said I feel like there's this pressure to be able to just snap your fingers and continue to walk through life  like it never happened, she continued, I wrote the song  through the middle of experiencing everything that comes with a miscarriage, so it was at my most raw place when this song truly poured out to me." God is so good! even in the bad times He is fathful. Just like Hillary Scott, God can get you through what ever pain, or hurt you are going through too! wather it be a miscarriage or something else God Is for us who can stand against us. Guys let me tell you a little sotry that happend to me not to long ago. It was very similar to what Hillary Scott was going through. It was last year of October That my siblings and I found out that my Mom was going to have the 6th child in my family, our family was so full of joy and excitement. I then started planning a surprise baby shower for my Mom, I even got her some baby clothes, then one day in December. I was getting ready to head to bed, and I heard my Mom crying. I sat in wonder thinking what could be the matter? I had almost knew in my heart what was wrong, just a few minutes later my Dad and Mom came in the room crying, and my Dad said that my Mom had loss the baby. At that Time I didn't know what to think? Then the next day I found out that it was twins both boys, and that one of them was still alive. I was excited and nevus at the same time. then one day later my Mom had loss the second baby. I cried that night asking God why He  allowed the babies to die. I said why God? Why did both of them have to leave us? I prayed for my Mom and the baby every night thinking that God would watch over them. Sooner on in life I realized that it wasn't God's fault, and that He said that He had other plans for the babies. That is when I realized that I need to trust His plans and that everything will work out. Last year was so heard for my family we loss so many deaths in our family on top of the miscarriage my Mom had. Do I still think about it? "Yes," It still hurts me sometime, but just knowing that God is still with me through all the pain is what helps me to get through the day. Dear America, I hope that what ever you are going through that you would find Joy and hope. I really hope this post was an encouragement to you all. If any of you need prayer please comment below some of the girls and I would be happy to pray with you, also Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!


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